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In Los Angeles

I've had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my nieces in LA. There are said to be a slew of Brits in Hollywood, but aside from a glimpse of Hugh Laurie, playing House on television, I haven't seen them. The only real trace of a Brit in LA that I've seen is in the person of my niece Marisa's American bulldog, Dickie.


Though larger in size, the American bulldog is the closest surviving relative of the Old English Bulldog. They were not altered to as great an extent as were their British bulldog cousins.

The breeders say that the American bulldog is a fine, "foaming type of dog", a trait especially evident when he is inhaling the scents of roast turkey. He's friendly and also, occasionally, willful, but so are all dogs. That's one reason we like them so much. The American bulldog's bloodlines go back to mastiffs living in Britain BC and to the dogs brought by Normans to England in the 11th century.


He's found a comfortable pillow in a young man whose last name is Beagle.

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patrick Gigliotti:

you need to go to Santa Monica, the Brits are very apparent there. Pubs, watercress sandiies and all.

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