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Who is looking out for the responsible people?

We are seeing the reestablishment of tribalism, and a direct attack against the individual responsibility and freedom created in Britain and America over centuries.

Who is looking out for the responsible people? The individual people and individual families who paid their mortgages and showed up for work every day, who did not make a fortune on dodgy derivatives, did not gamble that house prices would go up and up and did not borrow against their home to pay for a new car and vacation. They, and the small, solvent banks, are being punished for the excesses of the irresponsible spenders.

Today we learn that the responsible people will face higher tax and national insurance payments to fund a £20 billion package meant to goose spending so Britain will spend its way out of a recession caused by the irresponsible. And this is only the beginning of the punishment of the responsible.

Tribes of bankers and corporate managers are being saved, supposedly because we would all fail if they failed. What is unknown is how much we will have to pay for saving them and for interfering with a free economy's pruning of poor thinking and poor management with bankruptcy.

Not surprisingly, government will not look at the government policies that encouraged the production and distribution of junk loans in the first place.

Meanwhile free and responsible people and the teamwork and community they naturally generate are being smothered under the demands of the new religion - "tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạngThe state is your shepherd. You will not want'.

I know I am not the only person who thinks this is rubbish.

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