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Responses to the The Queen's Letter

You may be interested in reading responses to The Queen's Letter (scroll down).

In an email, the Anchoress wrote, "The Queen is elderly and a great lady. . .but she should have clued into this a little sooner."


Though David noted the change of tone and text between The Queen's first and second letters, it is not certain that the Queen has "twigged it".

An anonymous commenter made an interesting suggestion -

Perhaps you should write to Bonici and pre-empt Straw's reply. You might well ask how and why the Queen expects her Minister, who has had a major hand in the transfer of our nation's sovereignty to Brussels and who is therefore arguably guilty of treason, to answer these important questions impartially. Would the police defer to a burglar on the issue of whether or not the sanctity of a property had been invaded and goods therefrom purloined?

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