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Gurkha Justice Campaign


Joanna Lumley and Tul Bahadur Pun, VC

Joanna and the Gurkha Justice Campaign call on the Government to act immediately to allow all retired Gurkhas, who have served all across the world in defence of Britain, the right to stay in the UK, without reservation. We wrote about the cause here, and are very glad to hear this news from Joanna Lumley -

On Thursday, I will be in Parliament Square, Westminster at 11am before handing in the Gurkha Justice petition.

We've had fantastic support from across the country, and the petition we'll be handing in will be one of the biggest ever collected in the country - in a little over six weeks. Thank you so much for the support.

Our team are sorting the petition ready to hand in, but they tell me any signatures up until Wednesday night will be included. A really big last burst of signatures would be fantastic - please remind any friends, family and colleagues to make sure they sign at before 9pm on Wednesday!

I really hope that, on Thursday, the Government will finally bow to the pressure from our thousands upon thousands of petition signatories from across the country, to the Home Office Select Committee, and to the High Court, all of whom have backed justice for Gurkhas.

A really big turnout on the day will really add to the pressure of the petition. It will show how strongly we all feel about righting this wrong. If you can come along to Parliament Square in Westminster by around 10.30am on Thursday 20th November, I would simply love to see you there.

We will be joined by a number of the real stars of the campaign themselves - the ex-Gurkhas who have served our country so loyally. Amongst them will be Honorary Lieutenant Tul Bahadur Pun VC who served with my father, and who has been such a huge inspiration to
the campaign.

At around 11am I've been asked to say a few words in Parliament Square, and I'll be joined by other members of the Gurkha Justice Campaign and some special guests are joining us from Parliament.

After that, a small delegation will go to Cenotaph and lay a wreath, before going on to Downing Street to hand in the petition.

If there was ever a time to stand with us, then that time is now.

Comments (3)

John Lloyd:

Dear Joanna ,

Like me, there are many people wishing you well , who are unable to be with you today, the 20th of November.

There is no doupt that many people wish you and your cause well.

May I wish you every success and Blessings .

John Lloyd

The Gurkhas are one of the finest regiments of the British Army, yet receive such shabby treatment from the British Government.
Covet and praise them!

tony rodaway:

joanna feel free to use,

gurkhas all ways stand and fight
they will not shirk or take
right on till the end
allways there like a friend

what is the cost you may say
the price for freedom we have to pay
when they lay down their lives for us
anything we pay won't be enough

we let old enemies live over here
taking our jobs and drinking our beer
sending money back to their brides
all the family's over on the next tide

so goverment ministers don't be tight
the gurkhas they have earned the right
to live in britain just like you
remember they fight for the red white and blue


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