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The Prince at 60 - controversy and peace


An article in the Telegraph celebrates and criticizes the Prince of Wales who has just turned 60 and may someday become King of England.

With his latest aspiration - to be Defender of Faith rather than Defender of the Faith - the Prince will continue to create controversy.

It seems to us that becoming a servant king, according to the Coronation Oath, would suffice.

The Prince works unflaggingly on behalf of young people, organic farming, the preservation of rain forests and other causes. He is the Patron of over 350 charities in Britain and the Commonwealth.

I was interested in the Prince's encounter with writer and broadcaster CW Nicol, as described in the Telegraph -

Nicol is "a Welshman who has successfully restored one of Japan's mountain forests. . .and is now a seventh dan black belt at karate and an unlikely national treasure.

"The whisky-loving Mr Nicol, bearded and ruddy faced, is fluent in Japanese and has Japanese citizenship". He has rejuvenated the 45-acre Afan Woodland, buying parcels and helping 483 species of trees and plants, and 343 species of mushrooms and fungus, to thrive.

". . .As the Prince and Mr Nicol leant on their respective crook and walking stick, sitting in a wooden shelter in front of an open fire, it looked as though they were lifelong soul-mates. . ."

That sounds like a Prince at peace.

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Todd Willmarth:

Just thought you'd like to see another perspective, this one from Albert Mohler, who is president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has his own radio program (or programme to you!). Mohler's show has strengthened my own views and help better defend the faith.

As a side note, some of my family had fought under the banner of Oliver
Cromwell. Puritans they were.

If you ever get to Minneapolis / St. Paul could show you around. Sadly, only
one British pub (loads of Irish pubs), with a bowling green on the 2nd floor:

Keep up the great work-

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