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In the silence


British, Commonwealth and German war graves
St Mary's Churchyard, Great Bircham, Norfolk

Remembering them.

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Mrs Jane Birkby:

Watching the many Remembrance Day ceremonies at the 90th year of the peace, secured by those brave men and women who died so that we could retain our freedom from foreign rule, I am deeply saddened, because I think they died in vain.

Instead of being an independent country, free to make it's own decisions, we have been shackled, by unworthy politicians, to a foreign power which soaks up taxpayers money like a sponge, and opened our borders to criminals and murderers, for little or no benefit to Britain after they ignored our laws of protection, which were supposed to stop this happening.

Following that heinous decision we were then sold into slavery to banks and giant corporations, who completed the destruction of this once well ordered nation; as the country's assets, small businesses, fishing, farming etc. were stripped, shut down, or sold to foreign owners.

Our police have been taken off their beats on our streets, chaos ensues due to 'moderniser' policies, and instead of more police we are treated to more and more intrusive surveillance (for which there is a huge greedy money making industry).

Worse still are the arrests of ordinary decent people, who dissented against the effects and imposition of acts of parliament and laws, alien to the well balanced 300 year old British System of law.

Magnified external and Internal threat have been used to justify the removal of our checks and balances, and the increase of unacceptable rules for detention, which fly in the face of civilised law abiding behaviour, and gave birth to the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (an enabling act).

Well done to our cowardly politicians of all parties who participated in this crime against the people, for you have facilitated a fascist shift in the way this country is run, and unless the slide into totalitarianism is stopped and reversed, even you will become victims of the monster you are creating, for nearly all of the 10 steps to fascist rule have now been implemented, and nobody will be safe from it.

Ignore Magna Carta, and our Constitutional Laws entrenched in Common Law at your peril.

First it was the racists, then it was the homophobes, then it was the terrorists, then it was the smokers, then it was the obese, and pretty soon it will be everybody else who doesn't tow the line, as the overblown state tries to control absolutely everything.

Who will be next?

A very moving aricle, heartfelt and true. But we will not give up on the brave souls who fought our battles.
They provided us with a taste of freedom which we will not give up so easily.
I believe they did not die in vain. Without that taste of freedom we would have no knowledge of what to fight for.
God bless them all.

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