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Quentin Blake


Quentin Blake's drawings for more than 300 children's books are variously described as riotous, fantastical, sophisticated, "deceptively slapdash" and (by children) "grown-up". I think his philosophy of book illustration could be a pretty good philosophy for life.

Blake likes to draw character and gesture, and works standing up, surrounded by pots of ink and quills. He was recently mobbed by young fans, and presented with the JM Barrie Lifetime Achievement Award.

About illustrating stories he says, "Well, you don’t crowd the good bits. In Matilda, the boy eats a chocolate cake as punishment and the teacher smashes the plate down on his head, but you don’t illustrate that – you illustrate the moment before."

Life. . .Don’t crowd the good bits.

Even those who don't like fossicking will like Quentin Blake's illustration of it.

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