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The saints


Anglican Feast Days celebrate certain men and women for their bravery, insights, contributions, and faith in Christ. They were social reformers, poets and scientists, evangelists, and MPs, mystics, missionaries, scholars, kings and social and constitutional reformers. They include

'Ma' Slessor, an African missionary

Benedict Biscop, the man who loved books

the poets George Herbert and John Donne

the scientist William of Ockham

the middleaged saint of second chances, St Patrick

Anselm, the man who ended slavery in Britain

St George

Julian of Norwich, a mystic and the first woman to be published in England

constitutional reformer St Dunstan

St Alban, the man willing to die for a friend

William Wilberforce, who helped to abolish the slave trade and slavery in the British Empire

St Aidan, the man who could see your true face

Mary Sumner, the founder of the Mothers' Union

social reformer Anthony Ashley Cooper

Bible translator William Tyndale

Scientist and reformer Robert Grosseteste

Heroine and nurse Edith Cavell

Alfred the Great

Hilda, founder of Whitby Abbey and patron of the first English poet

Samuel Johnson writer, moralist and creator of the English Dictionary

Hymn writer and logician Isaac Watts

Eglantyne Jebb, founder of Save the Children

Most of them met huge challenges. They were very human. They were true.

In the lifetime that is childhood, what is hardest for a child to bear, lack of justice or lack of love? A child senses that the person who treats her unfairly does not love her.

Like children, the saints instinctively knew that justice and love are connected, the way muscle is connected to bone.

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