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Buildings built to enchant


This building is identified in John Green's Short History of the English People as the "Great Barn" in Lypiatt, Gloucestershire. It was built during the reign of Edward II, in the early 14th century, in the Early English style, and looks like a chapel to me.

Why do I find this architecture so charming and personal? I guess because it's my size and maintains a "quiet and earth-bound rhythm". Built in stone and wood, old British buildings seem to speak to the land around them, to welcome ivy and trees and paths and the glancing fall of sunlight. They seem to welcome me.

They have endured, and they speak gently of the generations of men and women who lived here once.

They seem to say, the earth is a holy place.

On a day in late October with the leaves falling, they seem to sing - wordlessly - of eternal things.

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