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BC Britain remains mysterious

We complete our review of Francis Pryor's Britain BC by noting that the possible use of the stone henges and processional avenues as sites for ancestor worship seems to have become a Pryor obsession in his second video. However, they had other possible uses, each of them fascinating -

Some of the stone circles were solar or lunar calendars.

Great festivals were held at other henges, which may have marked borderlands where land was held in common - shared common land is a rich and powerful idea down the British ages and can be seen in Magna Carta and in public parks and air waves today.

The stone circles may have sheltered rites that accompanied the soul across the threshold of death into the afterlife or, as recently suggested, rituals that attempted to delay that crossing by receiving the stones' supposed healing powers.

We hesitate to suggest that these monuments were built to say my circle is better than yours, but this is a rather common theme in world history, and can't be discounted.

And some of the henges marked the passage of the seasons, suggesting that Megalithic people - or at least some person - had established an idea that is part of our Inheritance and remains richly beneficial - We live in a cosmos that follows certain laws which we can describe and predict.

It seems certain that early Brits understood this idea because they aligned their great stone monuments to the midsummer and midwinter solstices and because their construction required inventiveness, technological skill and extraordinary organizational ability. The movement of huge stones, the building of enormous oak causeways, in areas where no oak was available, required immense planning and coordination.

Strange how little we know about them, though their mitochondrial DNA is still carried by Brits today.

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