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"Bond is well suited to ride out any kind of recession"


The new James Bond film Quantum of Solace may prove critic-and recession-proof when it hits British cinemas this week and U.S. theatres on November 14.

For those facing the loss of investments and retirement funds, this may not be solace, but Bond points toward a solution to our economic woes.

Bond knows who his enemies are. If he doesn't know immediately, he learns then acts accordingly. Like Bond, we have to learn who and what caused our current economic troubles so we can extricate ourselves, and avoid future problems.

PM Brown blames the world for British economic problems, but like Bond, we're not that gullible. We won't allow politicians and corporate types to smooth-talk us -

The EU is implicated in the deluge of regulations which have made running a business prohibitively expensive in Britain.

EU regulations have tied the hands of the Bank of England and Treasury, making them incapable of handling financial crises with the adroitness that kept British banks solvent during the Great Depression. (See economist Tim Congdon's essay Northern Rock and the European Union.)

As Chancellor, Brown was responsible for the stealth attack on British pensions and the wasteful and extravagant spending that has left Britain without reserves.

Brown and the Labour Government have sucked the oxygen out of the private sector which normally creates jobs and generates income. The government has put hundreds of thousands of people on the government payroll and overloaded Brits with taxes.

If we're correct, it's past time to hold Brown, Parliament and the EU accountable. Doing so would be solace, indeed.

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