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Britain BC

I was taught that civilisation in Britain started with the Romans. In his video and book Britain BC, archaeologist Francis Pryor provides convincing evidence that civilisation in Britain began thousands of years before Rome was even founded.

He reveals unique agricultural advances, animal husbandry, copper mining, transportation and the creation of those beautifully fashioned tools, jewellry and weapons that are still being dug up. Watching the first video, I found his focus on underground mining, the invention of the droveways and the use of dogs for animal husbandry fascinating.

Pryor’s discussion with Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford reveals that these people were the ancestors of British people living today, who carry the same mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in their bodies. Indeed, it has been shown that a number of people are carrying the mtDNA of 9,000-year-old Cheddar Man.

The energy of these people was astonishing.

The first part of the video is here -

Or, you might find it easier to see it here.

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