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Sharing the inheritance

You may have noticed that we have redesigned the website. Jason Parker has been the superb tech and design consultant who made the redesign possible.

We've been working hard on the interior files. We know there are some broken links, which we are in the process of fixing.

You'll notice that the website is wider, and we've expanded the masthead to include Oxford University, a British soldier, Major Lex Roberts, who died in Afghanistan, George Orwell, the Beatles, the Mayflower and Adam Smith.

The wider format allows us to include ads, which will appear shortly. When we embarked on this website, we had no idea of the financial commitment we were making. That was fortunate. To continue, we need to generate income, hence the ads. Any of you so inclined are encouraged to make a Pay Pal donation which we'll acknowledge on the website. We know you have many fine causes you support, and we hope this cause - sharing the inheritance - will be another. The Brits that we call the best helped to build the inheritance and shared it.

The inheritance includes-

A free economy created by free people

Constitutional and limited representative government so your liberties are protected and you can pursue your creative dreams in a free country

Limited taxes so you can decide how to spend your money, including where you would like to use your talents and money to make the world a better place

The rational thought and imagination that produces the most exciting and helpful inventions and innovations

The rule of just law which protects you from exploitation

Fair play which gives you the world's most popular sports, and

The profound gifts of forgiveness and love of God, neighbour and yourself.

Sharing the inheritance is a cause which belongs to all of us.

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