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Remembering Corporal Mark Wright


Corporal Mark Wright
3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA)

That a fine man and soldier died needlessly due to lack of equipment and administrative delays is heart-breaking.

Richard North of EU Referendum is to be commended for warning, long before it was ever mentioned by the British press, that lack of equipment and resources placed British soldiers at risk.

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the chiefs at the Ministry of Defence should be held individually responsible. For Prime Minister Brown it would be good to see a fine old British tradition, first used in 1376 by the Good Parliament, put into play. We refer to impeachment.

We first wrote about Cpl Wright on 15 December 2006.

"Corporal Mark Wright rushed down a steep slope toward enemy fire and into a minefield before it was cleared to rescue a fellow soldier who had stepped on a mine and sustained severe injuries.

Exercising effective and decisive command, he directed medical orderlies to the injured soldier, ordered all unnecessary personnel to safety, and then began organising the casualty evacuation. . ."

We pay tribute to him and to his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq in Gallant In Deed.

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