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Sour and sweet - university standings


Oxford. Energetic students founded Oxford and Cambridge in the late 12th and early 13th centuries.

The latest reports on British university standings worldwide are sweet or sour, depending on which ones you read -

The United Kingdom "remains head and shoulders above every country except the US in the Times Higher Education/QS rankings".

Britain has 17 universities in the top 100, ten more than any other nation. Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London and University College London are in the top ten.

Alternatively, in a separate section of the same paper - "British universities lose ground to their richer foreign rivals. . .Harvard tops the Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings for the fifth consecutive year. Its endowment fund is greater than the total annual public funding for all universities in England. Yale holds the second spot. . . The two British institutions came third and fourth respectively this year."

And in still another survey, Britain has come second in the world league of science research universities.

So no reason to fold the tents yet.

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A young America friend and colleague just completing a Masters while up at Oxford tells me he is glad to be returning to the States. "England, and Europe, is gone," says he.

Speaking briefly at a faculty luncheon at a private school, he told me further that publicity and businesses with Arabic signs are everywhere. Scandalous behavior by "street youth" is de rigueur. And government is aloof, elite, and, by and large, ignorant of both the problems and solutions.

I applaud Brits at their Best holding aloft the best that remains laudable.


This is a British newspaper. Of course they would say they are the best. French newspapers would say that French universities are the best. Chinese... Chinese, Indian... Indian, Japanese... Japanese, etc.

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