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A swell idea?

It is strange to watch Gordon Brown smile and grow pink and seem to fill out his flesh during the current financial crisis. It reminds us of ancient European fables made popular in the classic work by Bram Stoker.

We are told that this crisis threatens the entire world - and yet the major government actors decline to do anything about changing the government-required accounting rules that are said to be a major part of the liquidity problem and financial freeze-up.

Are we surprised that Mr Brown has decided to nationalize the banks?

EU accounting rules made the banks' books look wobbly so Brown decided that the government would give them a transfusion by swallowing them.

I don't know enough about what is going on, but I am fairly sure that a real crisis has been made worse by both business and government incompetence, and that giving the government an even larger role will end in tears. That is the history of socialist government for the last 100 years - corrupt, incompetent and ruthlessly undemocratic.

Looking for the positive - the British people have survived worse.

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I like your comparison of Brown to Dracula. Sadly though it won't do: does anyone out there believe that he's sucked the country dry by design? Come on; he's not Machiavellian enough for that. Just like the rest of the Fat Cat Club: he just relied on a country full of greedy and acquisitive idiots to do most of the leg work for him... and then he caught on and realised that this could actually be a great idea - once it had been explained to him by someone in his cabinet. Now the pressure is on to save the country from financial ruin, and he got old Mandy Mandelson back. If he really were a Dracula then you might see some logic in this latest move: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. But, I'm afraid he's rather dim witted, and I suspect this is some sort of mad attempt at "anything or anywhere is better than here". How deluded he must be... Dracula? More like Schmacula!


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