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European Arrest Warrant debut

For the first time the European Arrest Warrant is being used in a manner that we in Britain were assured would not be applied. Lord Filkin, then the Home Office Minister, said when the legislation went through Parliament that no one would be extradited for conduct that was legal in Britain.

Britain has declined to adopt a 'Holocaust denial' law, because it is contrary to British traditions of freedom of enquiry and expression. However, the first person to be arrested under the European Arrest Warrant was an Australian who had denied the Holocaust and who was flying to Dubai when his plane touched down in Heathrow.

How clever of them to debut their European Arrest Warrant with this particular "crime" - there are not many defenders of Holocaust deniers.

What "thought crime" is next?

Placing our freedom in the hands of law enforcement in Germany and elsewhere in the European Union was a rotten idea.

Thanks to Idris Francis and Dave Barnby for bringing this to our attention.

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