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"Joyous fireworks"


As Shakespeare's Globe theatre season draws to a close, Midsummer Night's Dream glows on the stage for three more nights.

The reviews suggest what I missed -

**** "Jonathan Munby has taken Shakespeare's much-loved comedy of errors, bound it in a tapestry of music, magic and madcap ebullience, and launched an irrepressible crowd pleaser... luscious, multi-sensory theatre" (Time Out Critics' Choice)

**** "Enthusiastically applauded by a capacity audience... Siobhan Redmond is wonderfully funny" (The Times)

**** "The Mechanicals are so joyously funny they have most of the groundlings whimpering for mercy, so by the time the billowing curtains wash over the audience like a tide, they're in this Dream's thrall" (Metro)

**** "explodes like joyous fireworks" (Sunday Times)

"I am to wait."

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