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Thinking about light in economic darkness

I believe there is light in the current economic crisis, which has just been called the worst to grip Britain in 60 years.

Let the British people do what they do best - getting on with it. Adam Smith described how they did it.

Get government out of their way. This problem has been significantly worsened by Gordon Brown's excessive taxation, excessive spending, intensely controlling, top-down attempts to run the British economy. His unnatural, interfering ways have hurt the economy.

An economy cannot be run by one man or thirty men or three hundred. A free economy under the rule of law responds to millions of different ideas. It is a living, breathing whole. When it is commanded or commandeered, it sickens and dies.

Do not let government try to control this crisis. Government control helped to get Britain into this problem.

Let the wisdom of people and the wisdom of a free people's economy do their work.

The more money that government inhales, the less there is for the people to start new businesses and create jobs.

Reduce taxes to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Reduce government expenditures.

Figure out the best ways to increase Britain's energy independence.

Say goodbye to the EU with its overregulation, statism, high tariffs and high costs. The £ billions in Britain's annual bill for the EU comes out of the pocket of every British taxpayer. Every taxpayer would have a gift of money if Britain left the EU directly.

Every Brit pays higher costs because the cost of everything is higher than it should be due to EU tariffs. Leaving the EU will reduce costs for British families, while trade with countries in the EU and the rest of the world continues and expands.

When Adam Smith talked about the people's free economy he also spoke about fairness and equity. He expected the government to prevent monopolies and to prosecute dishonest businessmen. He emphasized the importance of values such as honesty and self-discipline.

I know that I have not done justice to these ideas. What I hope I have suggested is that the British people have the imagination and wisdom and energy and inventiveness to put things right, but they have to tell this government to b--- off.

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