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Update on taxes and treason


Lady Godiva fought against taxes which were so high they took food out of the mouths of children in Coventry. Elisabeth Beckett is fighting a different kind of unjust tax. She is not alone in history -

Beginning in 1298 Parliament fought taxes levied by the king which had not been approved by Parliament. A few years later, Parliament insisted that the king produce accounts showing how he had spent the people's money.

The next five hundred years saw battles to reduce taxes, to give people a voice in determining their taxes and to make government accountable. The American Revolution and Britain's 19th century reform movement seemed to settle these issues until the 1970s. . .

In the last ten years the taxmen have returned, and are spreading throughout Britain and America, often in the legislatures of the two countries. Today they combine the three injustices with a fourth - stealth taxes.

In Britain the money raised for local councils has historically been used for local services approved by local elected council members. The money was never intended to be used for extracurricular activities that have not been approved by the British taxpayer.

Elisabeth Beckett discovered that her local council’s money was being used to fund a European Union-dictated regional assembly. To protest the expenditure of money for a foreign-mandated assembly that she believes has no standing under the British Constitution, she refused to pay her Council taxes, and appealed the matter to the High Court.

Our update to that news is that Elisabeth has yet to receive word whether her appeal will receive a judicial review. The wheels of justice appear to be grinding exceedingly slow.

Meanwhile, Elisabeth Beckett has laid charges of Misprision of Treason.

Treason strikes some people as an antiquated word of little merit in a brave new world. (You remember how that world turned out.) For those who understand the nation state's history of nurturing freedom, the word treason is like a warning blast from a freezing future.

Elisabeth laid the charges of treason against Gordon Brown at the Newcastle Magistrates Court on the ground that Brown had forced The Queen against her Coronation Oath to agree the Lisbon Treaty (the EU Constitution).

It has been claimed that treason laws no longer exist in Britain. In 1998, in his Crime & Disorder Act, PM Tony Blair had Parliament repeal the 1795 Treason Act which makes attempting to destroy the Constitution into treason with a punishment of banishment. Elisabeth contends - However, in 1817 and in the 1848 statute, The Treason and Felony Act, it was declared that the 1795 Treason Act was to be a permanent part of the British Constitution.

Elisabeth asserts that by forcing The Queen to give Her Royal Assent to an EU constitution that violates the British laws and customs that The Queen has sworn to defend, "this government is therefore displacing the monarch and treasonably preventing her from protecting the people according to her Coronation Oath".

The court told Elisabeth Beckett that her information would go directly to the Crown Prosecution Service or to the Magistrate. In more than a month she has yet to hear anything.

With all of government ranged against her, Elisabeth appears to have less chance of success than David when he met Goliath. However, British history is full of successful 'Davids' - and Elisabeths.

Thanks to Hedley Lester for providing us with the press release on which this post was based.

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