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What Brits know about America

We're always interested in Tim Montgomerie's ventures. He is now leading America in the World, an international alliance headquartered in London.

In a recent poll of nearly 2,000 Britons by YouGov/P, he has tested Brits' knowledge of the USA. Among the questions -

Asked if it was true that "from 1973 to 1990 the United States sold Saddam Hussein more than a quarter of his weapons," 80 per cent of British respondents said yes. However the US sold just 0.46 per cent of Saddam's arsenal to him, compared to Russia's 57 per cent, France's 13 per cent and China's 12 per cent.

. . .Asked about hospital care, almost a third of Britons believe that "Americans who have not paid their hospitals fees or insurance premiums are not entitled to emergency medical care"; by law such treatment must be provided.

As a doctor who has worked in America in emergency medicine, I can attest to that.

To the surprise of many respondents, America also has an extremely strong environmental movement and environmental laws.

I'd point out that many Americans would get these poll questions wrong, too, though perhaps not the question on polygamy.

Via Instapundit.

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