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Petition to rescue Coast Guard boat for Hope Cove

We wrote about the brave men who rescued a 15-year-old girl who had been swept out to sea.

They used a boat they had spent their own money repairing, and had been waiting for weeks for the Coast Guard to give the boat its OK. If they had continued to wait for official approval, and not put their boat to sea, the girl would have been lost.

Now officials have removed the rescue boat from the station. Hope Cove needs its boat back.

Julia Mitchell alerted us to an online petition to rescue the boat at the aptly named Hope Cove.

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paul waugh:

well done lads for rescuing the girl i was in the same situation with the coastguard wanting me to leave a young girl hanging off a 300ft cliff i couldnt use the rescue kit becaue it wasnt there and if i couldnt help her its a different thing but you do your best with what youve got and were there to rescue had to leave because of the chew.
But well done you can sleep at night knowing you did the right thing.

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