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Australia and medals


Bob Myer writes -

A look at the medal count (as of Monday morning, 18 August) shows a predictable one-two at the top. China, with its 1.3 billion people, has garnered 65 medals including 37 gold medals. That’s one medal for every 20 million people. The US, with not even a quarter of China’s population, has won 66 medals. That’s one medal for every 4.6 million people. That is pretty impressive. But even more impressive is Australia. With a population of approximately 20 million, Australia has won 33 medals, with an even spread across gold, silver, and bronze. That’s one medal for every 606,060 people.

One might wonder how Australia produces so many world caliber athletes. From my time there, I am of the opinion that Australia’s success can be tacked to the country’s love for sport. The country supports three different rugby – or footie – leagues. Cricket [and] soccer leagues flourish. There’s even a professional ice hockey league!

But it’s not the nation’s support of professional leagues that makes them an international powerhouse in sport. From my time living there, I can say (though only though anecdotal evidence) that Australians are one of the most athletically enthusiastic people on earth. There are leagues everywhere; games, especially on the weekends, are ubiquitous. Pitches seem to sprout here and there in all cities and towns. And the leagues are not just for the athletically adept, necessarily. They appear to be for everyone. And even if one doesn’t want to participate in the speed of footie, there’s always lawn bowls, greens for which occupy clubs all over the country. . .

Celebrating Australia is here.

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I′ve been reading your blog for awhile and it never occurred to me to comment. Which is completely ironic, because I′ve spent a lot of time over the past few months studying what it takes to make people comment on my own website. After reading a couple of your posts I guess it′s controversial topics that stir people′s emotions to the point where they can′t just ′let it go.′

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