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Democracies stand together


The Flag of England and the Flag of Georgia

I was thrilled to see that the leaders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine had flown to Tbilisi and were standing with the embattled Georgians against the invading Russians -

John McCain called for an end to Russian aggression, and said about the Georgian people, “Because of their location, their history hasn't been easy. Through the centuries, they have seen invasions and attacks from Mongols, Russians, Turks and Persians. And through it all, they maintained their language, their cultural identity, and their national pride”.

It’s often assumed that the British, behind their moat, had an easier time of it, but this partial list of aggression repelled suggests otherwise -

Naval Battle of Stourmouth (Alfred defends Britain from Viking invasion) (885) ?

Battle of Ethandun (Alfred defeats invading Vikings) (878) ?

Naval Battle of Brunanburh (defending against Viking invasion) (937)?

Resistance to Norman Invasion (1066) ?

Naval Battle of Damme, Flanders (defence against French invasion) (1213) ??

Naval Battle of Sluys (defence against French invasion) (1340)?

Naval battle to defeat Spanish Armada (and Spain's attempted invasion) (1588) ?

Naval Battle of Beachy Head (against France, which had declared war) (1690)?

Brits and allies led by John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, crush the imperialism of Louis XIV. At the battles of Blenheim and Ramillies they end Louis' plans to invade Britain. (1702-1706) ?

At the battle of Trafalgar, Brits led by Nelson, defeat Napoleon, and end his plans to invade Britain. (1806) ?

At the Battle of Waterloo, Brits & Allies (Dutch, Germans, Prussians, and Belgians) led by the Duke of Wellington end Napoleon's European imperialism and threatened invasion. (1815)?

Brits, Americans and Allies end the German conquest of Europe in the First World War. (1914-1918)

Brits, Americans and Allies end the tyranny of the Axis Powers – Nazi Germany, Japan, and Italy – and the threatened invasion of Britain in the Second World War. (1939-1945)

Britain and the US resist Russian aggression in the Cold War. (1948-1990)?

We like to see the free democracies standing together. Though this list suggests otherwise, we think they have a number of non-military levers they can use against aggression to great effect.

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