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Bleeding taxpayers

Whenever my eyes drift down the list of government waste compiled by the Taxpayers' Alliance - the £15 billion 'thrown away on regional development', the enormous raises for councillors that local taxpayers have to pay for; the quangos throwing money away - I wonder there isn't a bigger taxpayers' revolt.

I guess everyone in Britain has so much money that £600 here and £4,000 here and there and £30 tax every time we pay for gas are immaterial.

Fortunate the people that can afford to bestow their largesse on government, and never mind if it wastes it!

Fortunate the people with such a government, which wastes not a pound but provides them with the finest health and education services in the world!

Fortunate the people whose government can send £138.6 million every day to the EU without blinking an eye!

Fortunate the people with such government servants! Why not beg them to stay at their posts for life?

Ah, but unfortunately they do. The politicians hang on and on and the bureaucrats depart only to retire on the fine pensions paid for by the British people.

The TaxPayers' Alliance was launched in 2004 in order to shed light on these extravaganzas. The BBC reported on the Alliance.

With only a vague acquaintance with British history, the Beeb declared, "The idea of a campaign group representing taxpayers is a new one in Britain, although there are similar groups in other countries such as the US and France".

Those of you who glanced at our post on the Great Revolt of 1381 are well aware that Britain had groups representing taxpayers a few years back. At least six kings were deposed due to their excessive tax policies, and the taxpayers who combined against them often took their campaigns to the battlefield. We recall the knights who rode into London in 1298 to demand that Edward I respect Magna Carta and lower their taxes.

Yesterday we learned that Global Vision, which has been making the case since March 2007 that the EU is not right for a modern Britain with global ties, will enter a partnership with the TaxPayers' Alliance to promote a major public campaign against the boondoggle that is the EU and, presumably, the Parliament that props it up.

On behalf of the bleeding taxpayer, we wish them every success. They are upholding a great tradition.

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