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British Armed Forces personnel in Olympics


Clockwise from top left: Lt Cdr Penny Clark RN, Lt Peter Reed RN, Capt Alastair Heathcote, 2nd Lt Robin Bourne-Taylor ?[Pictures: PO (Phot) Terry Seward / Steve Dock Soldier Magazine]

The four serving members of Team Great Britain are:

Lieutenant Commander Penny Clark RN, a sailor competing in the Laser Radial class. Lieutenant Peter Reed RN, a rower competing in the Men's Four. Captain Alastair Heathcote of the Blues and Royals, a rower competing in the Men's Eight. And Second Lieutenant Robin Bourne-Taylor of the Lifeguards, a rower competing in the Men's Pair.

Their first heats begin tomorrow. MOD has the details.

We wish them and all our athletes good luck.

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