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Two countries under threat

Two Brits were responsible for an audacious free Tibet demonstration on the eve of the Olympics.

Iain Thom, 24, an experienced climber, scaled a 120ft pylon outside the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing on Wednesday morning and unfurled a giant banner reading: “One World, One Dream, Free Tibet.” His project supporter, who helped to smuggle in climbing equipment and the banner, was Lucy Fairbrother.

They were interrogated for five hours by Chinese police before being released, and sent back to Britain.

I don't know what they meant by "one world". If they meant one-world government they are endorsing an idea that will be the end of many rich and old cultures as precious as Tibet. If they mean no nation is an island, and the death of one nation diminishes us all, I hear them.

I wonder if in looking at Tibet with so much compassion, they have overlooked their own country, Britain. With the connivance of its political and media elites, Britain has been as overwhelmed by cultural change and immigrants as Tibet.

Britain needs Brits to stand up for her.

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