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Looking for hearts of oak

Shocking if true.

Is there anything lower than sending brave men and women into harm's way and then undermining them with policy that is witless and spineless? And did it actually preserve the lives of service people?

An American wrote in response -

The British troops didn't call these shots, the politicians did. My 14 year old son took a People to People trip to England last year and his assessment was that the common man in Great Britain was sick and tired of their quasi-socialist pc government. The Brits have always been Hearts of Oak and people you would want to have your back in a jam. They, like many of us, keep getting betrayed by their political class who are so elite they are legends in their own minds. Don't give up on a historically great ally. Maybe one day their ruling class will remember that blood, sweat, tears and toil cannot be commanded - they must be volunteered.

UPDATE We have a very different report from Retired US Army General Jack Keane, who distinctly commended British troops and their contributions.

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Well, I read the TimesOnline article and the Mail article. It seems that the puffing and preening of certain British diplomats were what they were feared to be, something like: "We make accomodations because we are of superior culture and intelligence; you simply cannot understand us."

Contrast that with Michael Yon's reports while embedded with British troops in the desert near Iran ("Men of Valor"

It is not "Tommy"--if I use the parlance rightly--who has any shame to bear. I wonder whether ancestors of those very same diplomats were diplomats themselves, the same ones that drove my ancestors to rebel against The Crown?

Three cheers for William Pitt, a moment of silence for Sir Winston, and a double or two for Tommy Atkins.

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