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Andy Murray - a graceful victory

It can't be easy to play in front of millions on screen and lose. And go back in front of the millions, and the thousands in the stands, and lose again. You play so well there is nothing else you want to do, but you are so good you are facing the world's finest tennis players. Winning must be sweet.

After being trounced at Wimbledon by Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray took the Australian Open from champion Novak Djokovic 7-6 7-6 to win his first Masters Series title on Sunday. He overcame Djokovic "with a fluent and imaginative display of ground strokes, showing he has the ability to climb up among the world's top three, producing his second victory over Djokovic in successive weeks".

Djokovic had ended Rafael Nadal's 32-match winning streak the evening before.

Murray, who thinks of himself as "Scottish, but also British", was graceful in accepting victory, too.

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