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But could it stop a tank?


Image: An umbrella stashed in a Rolls Phantom.

I've always liked taking walks with an umbrella since I live in Portland, and nine months of the year it might be raining. My umbrellas are quite big so they won't flip inside out in a high wind and I can walk in drenching rain by myself or with a friend and feel quite dry - just a dash of moisture here and there. It's the way I imagine Obama feels when the doting press holds that big umbrella over his head - lest one tiny drop of moisture from an unfortunate question fall on his head.

The impeccably dressed British intelligent agent John Steed of the Avengers show always carried an umbrella, which contained a sword. Today via Instapundit we heard about an unbreakable walking stick-umbrella strong enough to substitute as a weapon of self-defence.

But could it stop a tank?

At the battle of Arnhem Bridge, Digby Tatham-Warter, his ammunition gone, stopped a German tank with his umbrella.