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The right of self-defence cannot be restored because it cannot be denied

The right of self-defence cannot be restored because it cannot be denied. It has been a right in Britain for two thousand years. It is our natural right and predates government. It is our birthright.

That this government seeks to "restore" what it cannot take away is an absurdity. That it must "restate" this right is nonsense. That it has made homeowners afraid to defend themselves against violent invasion and citizens on the street afraid to resist a mugging or lend a hand to a fellow Brit under attack lest they be prosecuted and imprisoned afterwards is an outrage.

That the government has abused the people mercilessly is a fact. That it now "allows" them to "use force against criminals who break into their homes or attack them in the street without worrying that 'heat of the moment' misjudgements could see them brought before the courts" is not something for which we are grateful.

We have a right to defend ourselves without being attacked by our government and our police services.

Under the British Constitution - the Coronation Oath, Magna Carta, Common Law, the Declaration of Right (singular Right, the covenant between the people and the monarch, not the Declaration of Rights approved by Parliament) - under all these covenants we have the right to defend ourselves under our ancient laws and customs and under our natural rights.

Those natural rights have been articulated by Locke and by Blackstone and defended by thousands of judges and juries.

In his Two Treatises on Civil Government (1690), Locke asserted that we have the right to rebel when government does not protect our lives, liberty, and property. In his Commentaries on Common Law Blackstone (1765-1769) wrote, "The rights or. . .liberties of Englishmen. . . consist primarily in the free enjoyment of personal security, of personal liberty and of private property."

Government exists to protect our natural rights. It is high time the people reminded it of that fact.