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Lisbon Treaty ratified - We will never give in

The Lisbon Treaty was ratified -

The final act required for the UK to endorse the controversial document was completed this week, the Foreign Office said.

Ratification has gone ahead despite questions over the future of the treaty. It must be accepted by all 27 EU members before taking force next year, but Irish voters last month rejected it in a referendum.

Despite that rejection and Labour's promise to hold a referendum on the European Constitution that preceded it, Gordon Brown has pressed ahead with ratifying the Lisbon Treaty.

"Bound in blue leather the treaty was deposited with the Italian ministry of foreign affairs". If it goes into force, the Treaty will destroy Britain as an independent nation.

King John turned England into a fiefdom of the Papacy in 1213, but that action was reversed.

This treaty and the overweening EU will be reversed as well.