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Suppressed information about John Lennon?


I often wonder why information is suppressed in the press. It trickles out, but often only years later. Meanwhile the false information takes a large toll and the true information never has a chance to breathe inside us and change our lives.

For a quarter of a century, we have heard that John Lennon famously asserted the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. But 28 years after his death, in an interview being broadcast for the first time, Lennon claims that on the contrary, he spoke because he hoped to encourage people to focus on the Christian faith. He said that the Beatles were a Christian band and that he was "one of Christ's biggest fans".

The band's songs and the lives of the individual band members did not always suggest much interest in Christ, though a number of songs reflect Christ's teachings.

The interview was conducted by Ken Seymour of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The interview was finally aired on BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme. Why did it take almost 30 years for this part of the interview to be heard?