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"A live wire"- John O'Sullivan


John O'Sullivan CBE

We recently quoted from John O'Sullivan's Imprimis essay on the economy and the thinkers and leaders who understand that excessive regulation, nationalization and heavy, unpredictable taxes will kill an economy, hurt people and prevent them from realizing their dreams. John O'Sullivan CBE is the author. He will address the Bruges Group on "Europe, America and Democracy" this Thursday, 6:45 pm at the Foreign Press Association 11 Carlton House Terrace, London.

O'Sullivan is the founder and Co-Chairman of the New Atlantic Initiative, which was formally launched at the Congress of Prague in May 1996 by President Vaclav Havel and Lady Thatcher. The Initiative is dedicated to reinvigorating and expanding the Atlantic community of democracies. Eventually it could speak directly to the dream of free nations living in peace on equal terms.

O'Sullivan is the Executive Editor of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a former senior editor at the Times and the Daily Telegraph, a former editor-in-chief of United Press International and special advisor to Margaret Thatcher.