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A Royal Navy education


Aftermath of the Battle of the Nile, 2 August 1798
Image: Royal Navy

A reader responded to our question "Do the Windsors understand the Coronation Oath and the Sovereign's right to Refuse Royal Assent to Parliamentary bills?"

Edward VIII and certainly his brother were educated by the Royal Navy. You could not pass any Navy exam without a good grasp of mathematics, literature, or history, although admittedly history was geared towards Naval history. In my day one was taught probably better than at most schools the fundamentals of constitutional government. . .

I have heard it said that Edward loathed his time in the Royal Navy, but the future George VI became an outstandingly competent Naval Officer and imbued his daughter in the value of the Commonwealth and all that it stood for. It therefore is doubly shameful that she assented to the Treaty of Lisbon.

The Royal Navy has fought many battles to defend Britain.