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Ban on Darling spreads


At the end of March, the Utopia bar in Edinburgh started the campaign by putting up a poster in the window barring Mr Darling, the MP for Edinburgh South, from its premises.

The pub had cause. In his most recent budget Mr Darling had slapped 4p on a pint of beer and 14p on a bottle of wine, while whisky went up by 55p a bottle and cider duty by 3p a litre.? The modest and less modest drinkers at Utopia protested this brazen extraction of pence from their pockets.

We have just learned from Drew Carey that 3,000 pub owners have signed on to the ban. Chin, chin!

It is less clear what 9 million drivers, faced with Mr Darling's most recently imposed 'green' tax, will do. Increases of up to £245 per car are expected.

Labour rebels say that Mr Darling must have a "rethink". A quiet drink while he 'thinks' might be just the thing. He could dream of the utopia that will be Britain after the Labour Government has driven all its taxpayers overseas.