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"She gave her all"


Sarah Bryant with her husband Carl on her wedding day.
Image via Ministry of Defence.

Corporal Sarah Bryant's funeral "came less than three years after she had walked joyfully into the 16th century parish church at Wetheral, near Carlisle, Cumbria, to marry the love of her life."

As the first chimes of the afternoon rang out across the churchyard, her husband followed her coffin, on which he had placed a single red rose.

Cpl Sarah Bryant was travelling on operations in Helmand outside Lashkar Gah when she was killed in an explosion that also took the lives of three fellow soldiers.

Her Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Suggit, said -

Sarah had the brightest future ahead of her, both in her career - where she had been pre-selected for promotion - and her personal life. She was a beautiful young woman and also an utterly professional, extremely adept PSYOPS operator, who was highly regarded by all who knew her. She had previously served in Iraq and had prepared fully for her Afghan task, both physically and mentally. She had courage, passion and flair for the role she was undertaking, engaging with the people of Helmand Province and trying to give them hope and confidence that they might eventually enjoy peace, progress and prosperity. . .She gave her all.

Her husband said, "My wife knew the risks, she was there because she wanted to be, and she wouldn't have had it any other way. She was funny, kind and the most amazing person to be around, I will never stop being thankful for the time I spent as her husband. I love her now and always, with all my heart, as do her proud parents, friends and family. My wife was a truly special person who died a hero. Sarah, as with all our fallen, must never be forgotten."

The floral bouquet left by Sarah's mother read in part: "You will never be forgotten, my darling. Your smile that said it all will be in my mind for ever. You were so brave and I will be brave now for you".