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Rebutting the Lord Chief Justice on sharia

Lord Phillips began his un-British speech to Muslims in a mosque by "describing his maternal grandparents' arrival in Britain in 1903 - Sephardic Jews who eloped from Alexandria and their families' attitudes 'because they understood that England was a country in which they would enjoy freedom'". In complete contradiction to this opening, which was described by Matthew Parris, he went on to suggest that Muslims in Britain could choose to observe sharia law.

What does one say to a nitwit? To a Lord Chief Justice who evidently knows nothing important about common law and its insistence that the law must be common to all and no one must be above or beyond the common law in Britain?

Parris responded, "This is a charter for male dominance. It's a charter for cultural bullying; for peer-group pressurising; for self-oppression. It's a charter against women and teenagers who cannot make wholly free choices because they have nowhere else to go; a charter against individuals whose circumstances have made it difficult to think outside the cultural box; a charter for discreet duress."

Readers were appalled -

"Frankly, I am flabbergasted that such topics are even being discussed! What is the matter with this country?! This is England, and therefore, only English law should govern us. End of story!" Dilip Dhokia, Bradford, UK.

"Some statements and court decisions made by senior judges are so strange - like they live on a different planet. May be some of them like Lord Phillips should live among Muslims for 12 months and only after that he may suggest to us to accept the world's most backward legal system like sharia." Savo, London.