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Bob Geldof in support of David Davis's Freedom campaign

My favorite tradition on the 4th of July is to read aloud the Declaration of Independence with friends. We did that last night, passing the page round, each of us moved or shocked by different paragraphs. We noted again how the Declaration insists on the same rights that Brits fought for and achieved with Magna Carta, the Petition of Right and the Declaration of Right. Later, driving slowly past the crowds heading to watch fireworks - among them a little boy holding his father's hand and running beside him -I remembered what our friend John had said when the reading ended, "We're not finished. We're not ever going to be finished. This has to be defended every generation." I arrived home to the news that Bob Geldof KBE had come to the defence of the liberties that Brits achieved and are now losing to authoritarian government. He spoke on behalf of David Davis MP -

This is not a normal by-election but it is extraordinary. The people of this area are being asked to consider not the merits or otherwise of the government or opposition, much less the competing policies of the different parties. . .This time you are being asked about something much more fundamental. More profound even than the momentary economic cycle and its impact on those who live here . This time you’re being asked to think about who we are. What we stand for and will we continue to live and be the country and people built by generations and institutions before. This is a fight about the legal boundaries of the state and how much that state can and should remove of our liberties before it fundamentally changes the nature of who and what we are.

Geldof connects this campaign and the longer campaign that lies ahead with the campaign to abolish slavery. Read the whole thing.