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Update on Canada's star chambers

As was perfunctorily reported on Thursday, the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, one of three star chambers to which Islamists took Maclean’s magazine for having published Mark Steyn, has dismissed the case before it could come to tribunal.

David Warren continues -

The people are still sleeping, but some “blowback” has finally begun to occur. Given its very eccentric inquisitorial practices, which have been documented and publicized on the Internet, the CHRC is now under an RCMP investigation, a Privacy Commission investigation, and there is a Parliamentary investigation pending. (As a public relations exercise, the CHRC has also hand-picked its own “independent” investigator to do what we can only assume will be a defensive whitewash, as usual at taxpayer expense.)

It is against this background the CHRC decided that. . .it truly did not need to be prosecuting such high-profile targets as the bestselling author, Mark Steyn, and the mainstream newsweekly, Maclean’s, at the present time. The CHRC can retrench, and return to its bread-and-butter business of destroying little people who command no publicity - biding their time until circumstances are propitious to “extend their mandate” again.

Vigilance is the price of liberty, and it is crucially important that we not take the heat off Canada’s HRCs when they retreat. Canadians need to know the whole truth. . .

But the case may already have had a pernicious effect. How many people will think twice about speaking or writing about Islam or Muslims when they consider how much time and money have been lost by Steyn and Maclean's in their effort to defend themselves?

The BC Human Rights Tribunal has yet to rule.

Our previous links on the case are here and here.

The good news is that Mark Steyn, Maclean's and Ezra Levant are not going quietly.

Via Instapundit.