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Salisbury Cathedral celebrates 750 years


Salisbury Cathedral (the Cathedral of Saint Mary)
Image: Ian Jones

Begun in 1220, consecrated in 1258, Salisbury Cathedral is celebrating 750 years of worship with commemorative services, a pilgrimage walk, and festivals. The Flower Festival will flood the interior of the cathedral with flowers from today to June 21.

Salisbury has the tallest spire in Britain (404 feet, completed in 1330), the world's oldest working clock (dating from 1386), and one of four surviving original copies of Magna Carta, which bishops, who had been among its prime movers, were determined to protect.

What were the medieval builders thinking? Some, it is clear, believed in Glory to God in the highest and the radiant dignity of each person - no matter whether the person is poor or ill, a woman or a child - as Christ taught.