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Trooping the Colour


The Sovereign’s Escort leads The Queen in a carriage down the Mall in 2006. Image ? Press Association

The Queen's official birthday parade occurs just after the UN Human Rights Commission - comprised of such stalwart human rights abusers as Saudi Arabia, Cuba, China and Russia - told us that that we should hold a referendum to remove the monarchy.

It is none of their business, of course. The fact is we have a Sovereign who is preferable in many ways to the elected presidents who often stay in her house. We will be happy when she realizes that we want and need our Sovereign to be a constitutional monarch who balances the power of Parliament. Any Parliament whose power is not balanced by an executive will become tyrannical.

The finest gift the Sovereign could give her people, and the one that belongs to them by right, is to refuse Her Royal Assent to the Lisbon Treaty.