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Winning the Stanley Cup

The first ice hockey game was played by British soldiers in Canada in the 1850s. In 1875, James Creighton drew up the rules and hosted the first indoor ice hockey match. It's believed that the game was based on the English game of field hockey, the Irish game of hurling, the Scottish game of shinty and the Native American game of lacrosse. Quite the rough and tumble then.

In 1885 the oldest hockey rivalry in history began with the varsity match between Oxford and Cambridge at St Moritz. In 1892, Lord Stanley of Preston, Governor General of Canada, inaugurated the Stanley Cup, which he called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. In 1893 the first hockey puck was swept across the ice in the US, and the Canadians and Americans have been playing for the Stanley Cup ever since.

The Detroit Red Wings won the cup for the fourth time in eleven seasons Wednesday night. They beat the Pittsburgh Penguis, 3-2, in Game 6 of the finals.