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EU creep


Editor Iris Binstead has sent us the latest SOS. We will have it up first thing Wednesday. Iris provides an excellent and frankly hair-raising review of all that the EU plans for the innocent citizens of its member states, including Britain. Among much else, she summarizes the latest Bruges Group Euro Creep Bulletin, which includes the startling news that from 9th January to 30th April 2008 the EU passed 402 laws which will impact Britain.

The sheer number of laws being passed is crazy, and they appear to be unfriendly, unnecessary, and unhelpful. Intimidating also comes to mind.

The Bruges Group reports that the EU intends to take over EU member governments’ control of electronic communications, thus creating new regulations and more costs to taxpayers. It intends to take control of road safety, infrastructure and signage and to expand its power over energy with a powerful regulatory agency to control the market.

There will be more attempts to enforce a social Europe. The Commission intends to control health by standardising the health market across EU nations. It intends to establish its own military force.

The EU intends to take over criminal law, create a European Public Prosecutor and give Eurojust the power to direct law enforcement in member states, initiate arrests and prosecutions and take control over national law enforcement.

The destruction of British fishing grounds and post offices makes us wonder how "healthy" the EU takeover of healthcare will be, particularly when EU finances are in such disarray their own accountants had refused for the tenth consecutive year to sign off on them.