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Feast days


Caedmon's country today

We've missed some wonderful Anglican feast days. The 20th of May is the feast day of Alcuin, who was born in Northumbria in the 8th century and went on to become abbot of St Martin's, Tours, and a major figure in the revival of learning and letters under Charlemagne.

May 24th was the feast day of the brothers John and Charles Wesley, evangelists and hymn writers. We've written about John's contribution to the abolition of slavery here.

And May 25th was the feast day of the Venerable Bede, who wrote the first great history of the English. Like Alcuin, he also lived in the 8th century, and in Northumbria. We've reimagined his history of Caedmon, the first poet to write in English, and the woman who helped Caedmon find his voice, here.