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V&A opens jewellery gallery


The Economist reports that at the new jewellery gallery at the V&A, "an eye-popping, blue-lit, glass spiral staircase connects the main hall with a new mezzanine floor. Running down the centre of the main gallery are a series of undulating, curved display cabinets each with a futuristic, swooping top. The effect is at once delightful and overwhelming. But the jewels are more than a match for Ms Jiricna's razzle-dazzle. Among the collection's star pieces are the Shannongrove Gorget, a gold Celtic collar made around 700BC, and the 16th-century Armada Jewel - a pendant given by Queen Elizabeth I to her privy counsellor after the defeat of the Spanish Armada".

The V&A Bollinger Jewellery Gallery opens 24 May, and will display 3500 ancient and modern European jewels.