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Forsyth and Carswell challenge central control


After becoming one of the youngest pilots in the Royal Air Force, Frederick Forsyth, CBE, became a journalist and the author of international bestsellers, among them The Day of the Jackal, the Odessa File, The Dogs of War, The Fist of God, Icon, Avenger, and The Afghan. From bugging funeral coffins and stealing identities from death registers to foreshadowing divisions in Iraq, Forsyth's meticulously plotted books unveil the criminal mind. He will speak about the European Union and winning independence from it at a Bruges Group meeting at 6:45 pm tomorrow, Thursday, 15 May, at the Foreign Press Association, 11 Carlton House Terrace, London.

Joining him is MP Douglas Carswell, who believes that "public services fail all too often because power has increasingly been put in the hands of remote and unaccountable elites". These elites are well and truly accounted for in the EU and the British government. Carswell will discuss a plan of action for reversing the unhappy trend of central control.

It should be an interesting evening.