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The British people and underdogs

Yesterday I was told by a British cattle breeder that the British people have a social conscience and they like underdogs. I would like to think that is true. I would like to think that the British people would be outraged if they heard how the EU is treating African fishermen. The Observer reports -

"Since 1979 the EU has negotiated deals on fishing rights with a string of impoverished African countries. Despite the EU's own studies indicating massive and quite possibly irreversible damage to fish stocks off west Africa, these deals continue to be struck. In 2002, the year an EU report revealed that the Senegalese fish biomass had declined 75 per cent in 15 years, Brussels bought rights for four years' fishing of tuna and bottom-dwelling fish on the Senegal coasts, for just $4m a year. In 2006, access for 43 giant EU factory fishing vessels to Mauritania's long coastline was bought for £24.3m a year. It's estimated that these deals have put 400,000 west African fishermen out of work; some of them now take to the sea only as ferrymen for desperate would-be migrants to the Canary Islands and Europe. And among the millions of Africans who depend on fish as their main source of protein, consumption has declined from 9kg per year to 7kg...

I hope this enrages you as much as it enrages me.

David is justifiably enraged by what the EU has done to British fishermen.

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