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The crux of the matter

We have just spoken with Elisabeth Beckett, who is risking her home to defend the British Constitution. (See post below.) Her court date, at which time Leolin Price QC will ask for an oral hearing of her Judicial Review, has been moved from May 23. As soon as we know the new date, we will let you know.

The crux of Elisabeth's case is that it is illegal under the British Constitution to tax the British people without the approval of their representatives in Parliament. The Council tax which she has refused to pay has assessed tax money for purposes never approved by Parliament. The money is being spent on the aims of a foreign organization, the EU.

As a result, Elisabeth has been attacked by the government. Subjecting a British person to bankruptcy or imprisonment for querying a Council tax is a gross attack on all our liberties.

We salute Elisabeth's courage.

To support her, please write to The Old Vicarage, Alston, Westmorland CA9 3RE.