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The man who could not escape - Lieutenant-Colonel Douggie Moir

Lieutenant-Colonel Douggie Moir, who has died, made repeated attempts to escape German prisoner-of-war camps during World War II. His frustration must have been intense, but he never quit trying, or helping others.

He "was a troop leader in 3RTR, part of 30th Infantry Brigade, during the desperate rearguard action to hold Calais. Then a lieutenant, he was captured together with most of the brigade and imprisoned in Stalag VIIC at Laufen, Germany. Later, when he was being moved by cattle-truck to Warburg, he and a brother officer squeezed through a hatch window and jumped clear of the moving train."

He spent the next five years escaping and being caught, as described here. "The resolution, courage and resourcefulness that he showed during nearly five years in captivity were recognised by a mention in dispatches in 1946."

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